On the slopes, on the waves, or in the half pipe – people consistently going to the limit need reliable materials.

Carbon fiber welcomes challenges from any sport: it shows flexibility and torsional stiffness, defies UV radiation and due to its aerodynamic advantages and lightweight nature facilitates top speeds.
In this world of thrills, adrenaline, and physical experiences at the limit, nothing can be left to chance.
Be it snowboards, skis, surfboards, kite boards or skateboards, they need to be perfectly aligned to you.


For sportsmen who do not want to stick to a single style. Works for both: cruising down the piste-in carving-style, not having to refrain from dynamic jumping abilities. Drive, best performance, stability, reactability. The carbon fibre purveys the necessary torsion durability and maximum flex-back elasticity. Only you set the limits!


Curve stability, excellent grip on edges, dynamic control and handling. carbon fibre-reinforced , suitable for demanding piste carvers, which intend to fully exhaust the steep binding angle and camber form. Sintered graphite coating with nano-particles, which improve absorption of the wax. A talented winner!


Easiliy gliding atop the water surface, dynamic when freestyling, yet stable on landing.
Our new product- the 3D wakeboard: light, reactive, featuring effective sharp edges. Easiliy steerable thanks to long channels. 100% pleasure!